Spirit of ’76 Renewed: A History of the United States  The American Journey — stories and music about the patriots and leaders who have influenced the direction of America from its founding to the 21st century The Spirit of ’76–Renewed e-book, written by Richard (Dick) L. Gustafson, is an abridged history of the founding of the United States of America from its colonization to its recent past. The ongoing mission behind the development of this story has been to re-introduce students and adults alike to the founding fathers and protectors of America. The Spirit of ’76 story includes insight into the personalities, beliefs, inspirations, actions, motives, and important events behind our country’s patriots. The story includes many historical highlights with supporting Internet links that offer readers a path to explore the details behind the people and events that have influenced the path of our nation. The story has been continually evolving since its conception. From the start it was Dick’s vision to present his story in the narrative.  In 2008 he completed this narrative with period music as an audio CD presentation. But, with discs becoming less prominent as a presentation medium, the story as a physical medium was shelved. Instead Dick spent time finding photos and supporting Internet links to transform his story into an interactive multimedia experience. Today the presentation is offered as an e-book in EPUB, MOBI, and iBook formats. Because the Internet is always changing, broken or dead links occur over time. The Internet links in this e-book are dynamically updated from this website. The web links are constructed in this way so that readers always have references that are reliable and up-to-date. But the story’s journey is not entirely finished.  In the near future, Dick plans to release an enhanced version of the e-book presentation in the Apple iBook format. This enhanced version will offer everything that is in the current version of the e- book, but adds the spoken word with patriotic music as the instrumental background.  In this next edition a few of the 76 music vignettes are read as poetry. Dick says that lyrics are often learned by rote, overlooking their significance, resulting in the loss of their true meaning. Dick’s goal is to inspire and inform Americans of all ages about the importance of the American miracle and to build a new sense of pride and patriotism for our country. He hopes to continue his mission to fill all readers with a renewed spirit of ’76. If you are interested in knowing more about the enhanced audio version of his e-book, we encourage you to register on this website so that we can inform you when the book becomes available.  We hope that this and other educational projects about history will be available on this website in the near future.
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76 Spirit of ‘ RENEWED The American Journey — stories and music about the patriots and leaders who have influenced the direction of America from its founding to the 21 Century A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES