e-book Publications & Resources on the Horizon Old Glory: A History of the American Flag This is a story of a proud flag.  Her name is Old Glory. This flag tells a story of a nation, a people, and an idea...  A powerful idea that guarantees all men the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  An idea that gives us the right to live in freedom, to share the gift of liberty—with dignity.  Old Glory is the symbol of that idea. The History of World Slavery This is a story about a very unpleasant part of our world’s history. The subject is Slavery. It if is so unpleasant, why bring it up? Because, slavery has never disappeared. It goes back over ten-thousand years and still exists today. Some say that bringing up slavery exposes our worst side; man's inhumanity to man. Others say, if you don’t expose man’s ugly side the problem will never be eradicated. So why  as a society do we let slavery exist? This story hopes to unveil all of the reasons why slavery has always been and continues to be a part of our world culture, and to bring to light all of the reasons why it is so wrong.
A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG Old Glory A story of a nation, a people, and an idea --- a powerful idea, that all men have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, to live in freedom, to share the gift of liberty, — with dignity. Old Glory is the symbol of that “idea”.
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