Welcome to the Spirit of ’76 Renewed website! This site is the home of American patriot, Dick Gustafson.  Dick is a writer, speaker, actor, and artist with a variety of other talents as well. Dick has spent much of his life exploring new ways to inspire and inform people about the importance of the American miracle and to build a new sense of pride and patriotism for our country. About 10 years ago Dick was compelled to begin writing about history after seeing  the results of a college survey where many common questions about America’s history were answered incorrectly or not at all.  His story titled Spirit of ’76–Renewed is the result of this endeavor.  The story is an abridged history of  the United States from its colonization to its recent past.  More recently he has pursued other educational stories on various topics including The History of Old Glory—a history of the American flag, and The History of Slavery—a time line of worldwide slavery. Watch this website grow as new stories and resources are added. Dick’s ongoing mission is to provide the world with innovative education that will help us explore and learn from history. Indiegogo Fund Raising Campaign for Spirit of ‘76—Renewed In June 2016, we  launched  an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to complete the new audio e-book version of Spirit of ‘76—Renewed.  Thanks to everyone for your support!
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